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Benjamin Britton
Vancouver BC
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Polarization data gives efficiency - Pmax is always in the 0.45-0.55 V unless your cell floods, but that's prevented by good manifolding and management of gas flow rates etc. in all commercial systems. Lower resistance membranes extend your Ohmic region significantly; lower-swelling/higher-conductivity/higher oxygen permeability ionomers in the cathode catalyst layer (almost certainly not these materials) in combination with catalysts of enhanced activity can reduce kinetic losses, making the starting potential for the Ohmic region higher. So, higher conductivity membranes certainly helps, but it's not going to double your power densities at an acceptable operating potential. The better question is "where's the polarization curve at temperature?" and the best question is what the max power output is at, say 0.65-0.7 V window and other parameters of the DOE reference system.( Even if it was 5x more conductive than Nafion, it's only better than Nafion if it lasts longer, and there's not even any Fenton data in this paper, much less any of the device-related accelerated stress tests.
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Jun 6, 2018