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Kris...This advice never gets old...I recently wrote about how people are hiding behind technology to avoid confrontation (
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Ben...Great thoughts...Over the last few months, I have been interviewing college interns and new college grads and have had similar thoughts as it relates to their resumes...Why even give me one? I don't have big expectations. I want to know how you think. Are you creative? Driven? Ethical?
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Kris...The power of curiosity can have such a huge impact on an organization. Curious folks will not only strive to stay current in their field but they will question the status quo, try new approaches, drive for new products, and listen to others in order to learn. For one who loves this characteristic, the disappointment (and I have been exposed to it too many times) is many organizations don't foster curiosity. They stifle it.
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May 19, 2010