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Nurit, you are my hero for the week. Actually, your story reminds me of Ruth- who was not afraid to assert her values and go her own way. Wow!
Toggle Commented May 18, 2010 on My "Coming Out" at Modestly Yours
Porn is a huge problem that we must talk about. It is polluting this generation on catastrophic levels. Should we stop talking about AIDS because everyone already knows its a problem??! Melissa, I liked your post so much because it reminded me of strong points that Catharine MacKinnon made on the subjects of prostitution, pornography, and rape. There is DEFINITELY A DIRECT RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN RAMPANT PORNOGRAPHY AND INCREASED RAPE. I would also like to quote something MacKinnon said which I firmly believe, that pornography is:"a practice of sex inequality,and defined as the sexually explicit subordination of women through pictures and words that also includes a list of other very specific activities. In other words, it's defined in terms of what it actually does. It subordinates women as well as being a sexually explicit medium. There are other media that subordinate women but are not sexually explicit, and therefore don't have the same effects."
Toggle Commented Apr 28, 2010 on The Social Costs of Porn at Modestly Yours
Melissa, I am here for you! You are right, mentors and strong women role models are integral for growth and staying afloat life's bumpy waters.
Toggle Commented Apr 8, 2010 on I'm Here, Too at Modestly Yours
Hmmm, lots to consider....and awesome comments y'all! My thoughts go like this: (Otowi, Im commenting on your comment). I do not like when people make immediate judegements of "daddy issues" when young women make poor choices. Some girls grow up with great fathers, but struggle making healthy choices in their relationships with men. An example of this is Julie Klausner, author of I Dont Care About Your Band. She has a loving and nurturing daddy, yet allows (allowed!) men to treat her terribly, picking "bad" men. Also, some girls grow up, unfortunately, with lacking dads, but have incredible grandfathers,or older brothers who treat them kindly and respectfully- so, its not like every girl who had an abusive or emotionally damaging father has "never experienced one". Now, here is the deal: Regardless of dad situation, these girls and MANY others go for guys like this because they dont know better. They dont because Mom has not taught them! And what I mean by this is that Mom's have the power to raise children who know how to DISCERN. I would say that 9 out of times it is the mother who teaches the child how to spot the bd apples, learn how excel in life, meet people who will help them advance in life, cultivate self-esteem, listen to thier intuition, and withstand the tempation of peer-pressure and bad boys.
Toggle Commented Apr 8, 2010 on Setting a New Standard? at Modestly Yours
Wow, this really cracks me up, and here is why: On the one hand, for us modest folk, who have a respect and dignity for our bodies- seeing people do this is upsetting. But, the part that makes me laugh, is that its 2010. In NYC. And the culture is so entrenched in low standards of dress, and "self expression" (aka public displays of flesh and nudity), that seeing people strip is kinda no big deal. This follows along the idea that Wendy wrote about in her book: the part about how private parts become no big deal when you make everything about the body difference between one's genitals and "an elbow". So, I find this prank to be of no shock. Unfortunately! Also, I want to comment to women's studies student: Number 1, I think you raise great points! And, I sympathize with you situation; it must be terrible to be the only one with more depth and sensitivity in a class full of feminist porn watching people:( It is so upsetting to hear that a Womens Studies class, that has so much potential for good, is seeped with so many base topics. I too am a student, taking a women's studies class- its a different type of WS class- called "Jewish Women in the Medieval Ages: Stereotypes and Role Models", and I absolutely love it! We read and discuss aspects pertaining to the ways women lived, were treated, their rights, status, and how the "system" failed or empowered them. It is my hope that you and the rest of us students only encounter classes and professors who identify & study women with dignity and sensitivity...
Toggle Commented Apr 8, 2010 on No-Underwear Subway Ride at Modestly Yours
Hi, Im a little under the weather today, so my attention span is short... Julie, I like your spin on things! Your idea is so on target- we DO need to start somewhere. Dominik, the excerpt that you posted is not my "reaction". I am fine with her overall message, and I did not say to myself "gee, why should I have to change?"...What bothered me was her wording in that paragraph, something about it had a whiff of an "I told you so" attitude, underlined with a bold highlighter saying: Ladies, you MUST change. Wendy- wow, I didnt watch the Oscars, and all I can say is that I too feel sorry for her. And you are right, because her behavior did not improve her situation...
Toggle Commented Mar 10, 2010 on Neither Men Nor Mice at Modestly Yours
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