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Those are dreadfully weak and intellectually dishonest reasons. Let's paraphrase them. 1) Since we haven't made it compulsory to try to improve you and your family's welfare we are perfectly free to take as much as we like of any effort you do make. It's your choice, after all. 2) Since many people are lazy or risk averse or unlucky or unimaginative, or all of the above, it's ok to take as much money as we like from those who are are diligent and take the right decisions because - after all - we can. We'll pretend to call it insurance, but everyone knows it isn't. 3) Because there are some crooks in the world that earn a lot of money we'll assume that any money above some convenient and arbitrary level is unfairly earned and use that as a justification to take as much money as we like from anyone earning that much money, whether they're saints or devils. What we won't do is many any effort to ensure that money is fairly earned if it is earned. That would - after all - remove most of the justification for punitive taxation and we rather like being able to take people's money. Hard to express my contempt for the arguments in this article, really. I hope the above is a start, albeit a short one.
Toggle Commented Sep 8, 2011 on The morality of 50% at Stumbling and Mumbling
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Sep 8, 2011