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Hugo Ramirez
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Also I can find the new releases much quicker going to InstantWatcher so I don't need this site for that either as most of the only update of new streaming content that is posted does not interest me.
This site does suck lately. Sorry but I use to always come here for the latest Netflix news but lately there is nothing new at all. The Disney deal was not posted here nearly a week later. Also this site never once mentioned that Netflix lowered the stream quality or even mentioned the new Super HD. Now it does not even mention the new Warner deal. Sorry but now I just go to Google type Netflix and go to the news over there. Also I don't like this site much because the people here in the comments are very raunchy and rude. Can't post here without being raunchy.
I get ticked off many times when I find a movie I want to watch and then see that stupid Starz Play logo you go to play it they play there corney music and it looks like crap then I avoid it. Bad enough they have nothing in HD but even SD quality is the worst. At least the Epix stuff they are starting to put in HD. Yes it is in 720p and not 5.1 surround sound but the PQ still blows away the Starz Play stuff. I been counting the days the Starz Play junk will be gone for good. I usually don't like it when stuff expires but this I will be glad.
Captain America cool but it better not be the low res Starz Play version and better be in HD or I will be ticked. Can't wait until Feb 28 when all of the Starz junk is gone.
When there was the outage I had very little problems watching Neflix on the PS3. All I had to do was try to sign into PSN twice then it would give up and leave me alone allowing me to sign into Netflix. Now no matter how many times I try signing into PSN it just keeps popping up not allowing me to access or log into Neflix. I gave up and I am just going to watch Neflix on my laptop.
Glad season 1 is back even thought I watched it already. I always get angry when Netflix pulls movies, episodes and seasons without notice but it usually due to a glitch.
My queue was once again messed up after being fine for a few days. I just now use Netflix Queue Sorter and sort it by alphabetical order. I had it sorted by movies and shows but it still gets mixed up. Having sorted alphabetically makes it much easy to watch on the website. By the way I had to fix it just now. Thanks goodness for this great script.
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May 27, 2011