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Vicky Hukins
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It's me again. I have just read the bit about the 'construction' of you green dress. It reminded me of something that I did when I was a 10 year old. Well.. about that age. Nanny Dot had some fab kitchen curtains, that I loved. When they got a bit old she decided to replace them. As you know I won't throw any thing away, and asked her if I could have them to make something with. Well; I sat all day and stitched a skirt by hand, and was so proud of it that I decided to show off. I walked down through the village to the shop, flashing everyone a big smile on the way. Well that wasn't the only thing I was flashing. By the time I got to the shop the back seam had come undone, and my Knickers were on show for the world to see. So don't worry about the way you made it just make sure that you double stitch the ends of the seams. Cuckoo's Mum
I love your blog. I read it to Chris, he likes too. It makes me feel that I am having a conversation over a cup of tea with you. I don't feel so far from you now, and I don't feel that I am sharing you with the world as on Facebook. I know that sound daft, but then ther is a bit of Nanny Dot in me too. I am very proud of your dresses, to think I tried for many years to get you to sew, knit or do anything crafty, now look at you!! All you wanted to do was Dance and make up. Godness I am rambling on and the rest of Blog Land can read it. Bit naughty. Love you Cuckoo's Mummy xx
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Jun 18, 2010
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Jun 18, 2010