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Derrek Newby
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you can totally tell she is neytiri. nice pic :)
Toggle Commented Feb 8, 2010 on No title at AVATAR
LMAO @ David, that's good.
Toggle Commented Feb 8, 2010 on No title at AVATAR
Neytiri: "What are you looking at?" Jake:" Ummm.....nothing...." Neytiri: "I seen you, why don't you just go mate with her!" Neytiri: *Shakes head* "skypeople"
Toggle Commented Feb 8, 2010 on No title at AVATAR
OUCH! Looks like eywa didn't want you to see it. :)
Then I feel you Aaron, I have seen it a week ago, so my withdrawals aren't that bad.
As much as I love Avatar I have to say 2. I can go watch Avatar tomorrow, it isn't going anywhere(Yet). The Superbowl happens once a year, only once, that's why I have to say that.
"All energy is borrowed, and one day you have to give it back." Jake says this quoting neytiri but it's still my favorite.
That's why i'v seen it 5
I am absolutely disgusted by this movie you call Avatar.
I'm in northern California in the Rainforest and it is raining good but not storming that bad. Yesterday was really bad, made my run...interesting. :)
Wow, look at the detail on turok's head...amazing. "I'd like you to meet my guard dog"
Commented Feb 6, 2010 on No title at AVATAR
"Heeeere's Johnny!"
Toggle Commented Feb 6, 2010 on No title at AVATAR
I liked District 9 a lot, but it's all a matter of opinion, some of my friends didn't like it. A movie I would recommend is The Perfect Getaway, if you haven't seen it, I rented it because Gamer wasn't in and it blew my mind.
I just rented the movie "Princess of Mars" a fairly new movie, the only reason I rented it is because on the cover it said, "Inspired James Cameron's Avatar". I don't know if i'm slow but how does a 'new'... Continue reading
Posted Feb 4, 2010 at AVATAR
: o
Toggle Commented Feb 4, 2010 on :) at AVATAR
Very true. And the way they word the question it's not when she was most scared, but the most scariest moment, which could be a number of parts including when hometree fell, because even though it wasn't where she was 'most-scared' but definitely one of the most 'scariest' moments.
What moment in the film do you think was the scariest moment for Neytiri? Stardog explained one of the three places I think she was most scared, the other two are actually in the same scene. The first is when... Continue reading
Posted Feb 3, 2010 at AVATAR
I think in this moment she was more protective than anything, the way she hissed at him, but she probably was frightened as well.
Well if jeremy recommends it and he has played it I would try and find a used one, a lot cheaper.
I would recommend renting it first and go from there, I have an xbox but have yet to play the game.
Derrek Newby added a photo at AVATAR
Feb 2, 2010
Agreed. This is actually my background. :)
Toggle Commented Feb 3, 2010 on No title at AVATAR
I would do it black with the words in red like you have it. Black and red contrast well, I also think it would look sick with the ' I see you' above it, her name below it, then like you have it with Avatar in the middle. But it's your body, so make sure it's the way YOU want it. And good luck :)
Toggle Commented Feb 2, 2010 on No title at AVATAR