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Isaac Hummel
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It sounds like Qwik-E-Mart from the Simpsons bonded to Napster. Terrible name, and ten years out of date.
They really can't make Prime monthly. If they did that, people would only buy it when they wanted to buy two or three things with Two Day Shipping and then cancel it at the end of the month. They lose money on the deal in terms of pure shipping costs as it is. A one-year commitment shows that you're the type of customer who will buy enough stuff from Amazon to make it worth their while (meaning they'll make the money they lose of practically giving away premium shipping on the volume of your purchases). Now if they split the video service off from Prime and charged seven or eight bucks a month for THAT, then it would work. Maybe they could still include it as a freebie for Prime users too, or at least offer it at a discount to Prime users.
Streaming's down here. I get the same error message that's shown in the picture.
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Jul 12, 2011