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Isaac Hummel
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"Do you want to be able to record Netflix (and other video) streams?" How's that different than ripping a DVD you get in the mail? Other than the fact that in that case you don't have to spend any money (if you know what you're doing) and you get the files in a form you can do anything you want with? Yeah, I guess in this case MediaMall is the one who is open to legal liability rather than you, but in reality no one's ever going to sue you for ripping DVDs either (which I am NOT recommending BTW). Morally I see no difference. Oh, and since the files you get are DRMed, when MediaMall gets sued out of existence does that mean they'll stop playing?
I stream Netflix with the Roku all the time. "Wishful thinking would be for Micro$oft to drop the $60/year privilege tax to reach Netflix. I don't see it happening, but it would be nice." Yeah. That's what made me surprised that the XBox is such a popular streaming solution. Of course there are a LOT of people who already have XBox Live Gold for gaming purposes, so I guess they want to stream Netflix too.
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Jun 9, 2011