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Anthony Hunt
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1. Gardening, bike riding, work plus trip home to Idaho for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary. 2. "What Would Google Do?" "Boomer Yoga" "Outliers" 3. homemade granola my mom makes (and still ships to me occasionally) 4. Chocolate covered grasshopper. I don't like bugs, and chocolate didn't really help. 5. John (actually called AJ in my youth).
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With layoffs in the RV industry, we're at 10% unemployment in Elkhart County, Indiana. This community will likely lose the local IBL basketball team, the Elkhart Express, because of the losses in sponsorships. It's too bad because they are league champions the past two years.
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WHEW! Let us know how you really feel and don't hold back this time... Of course you're asking us NPR and "us" managers to completely forget the history that got us to this point. We've been making good, incremental progress, but obviously not fast enough for your modeling. At stake is who has the control, and who has the public radio "brand" which as a system we've worked long and hard to get it to the stature it has today. It might give us a little more wiggle room in the future, but you're right that stations of all sizes need to embrace the web as a primary product. Also that to be better at superserving our local audiences, we might consider other back-office nationalization that could free station staff up to do more locally -- that's counter-intuitive. The good news is that if the national organizations are starting to think it's better to work together rather than apart, then there's hope for the hundreds of member stations...
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