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Hunter Pritchett
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My feeling was that financial innovations decrease the risk of different investments for the individual. If this is true, then wouldn't individuals have reason to take on more risky investments because they get to spread that risk around? Wouldn't this lead to more overall risk in the economy?
Toggle Commented Aug 26, 2013 on 'Rethinking Investment Risk' at Economist's View
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I haven't read Harberger (1954), but people seem to think monopolies don't matter because of this paper. How does Krugman answer these criticisms?
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Scott Sumner did a post on this. Some republicans are upset about this.
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What about the return on Graduate level studies? How has that fared? A Ph.D. is the new B.S. Seems to me people with an MBA from a prestigious university are doing quite well these days...
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Dec 8, 2012