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either of those days would work for Goldsmiths. great. Lets make a plan. J
Toggle Commented Jan 12, 2012 on Undressing the Academy at I cite
*of complicity. Can't see how to correct typos, can you? When are you next here? To meet the Handjobbers (again). J
Toggle Commented Jan 11, 2012 on Undressing the Academy at I cite
Great Jodi - happy to see this. - 'Assign it' as what though - a mop to wipe up the inglorious stains of the spillt milk of complicity? heh heh. Here is a link to the free download, also available on the UfSO site that reposted your discuss :
Toggle Commented Jan 10, 2012 on Undressing the Academy at I cite
a day later. Browne review read. - Well, I looked at the graphs, skimmed the pics, absorbed the crap grammar. Result: Doom. - Wanna buy some used chalk? Going cheap. John @
Hi Jodi Funny that I saw you'd snipped this post (leaving out the last lines about Woolf and matches??) on the very day a gratis copy of your book "Blog Theory" arrived. I sense a conspiracy of course, which in no way is funny enough to mitigate our despair at the current predicament occasioned by the Browne Report Education attack (dismantling/privatization)... Hope all is well and we see you over here before the education system closes down for good. Lal salaam John @ is now following The Typepad Team
Oct 13, 2010