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RC, saying rights come from your deity rather than, say, Krishna or Kali , and that you, rather than a Hindu priest or a tribal shaman somewhere, knows the revealed definitions you state makes it a church-state issue. You can not make religious rules into secular laws in this county. It is as as simple as that. Live your faith, don't expect my tax dollars to force anyone else to do so!
Without wishing to enter the marriage debate, since someone has cited my article of 2003 at least allow the author to cite his own recantation, or, at least, the second thoughts in "Hell Reconsidered" My first article, as published in Touchstone, was quite happy to blame everyone for my sins - liberals, liberal religion, liberal politics, etc. Truth is my sins were (and are) more internal and quite unrelated to my sexuality: but rather to my own ego. So, I could have committed the same sins as a straight boy - as do many of my straight friends daily and I do often enough as well. Sex is only the vehicle that gets the most milage (and the most pay for a starving writer from a good magazine). My earlier article may have supported some in their own journey, but I fear, mostly, it has supported the anti-gay crowd in their own agendas. I did not intend that. So, invoke me not in support for the "good of all people" as I have recanted that view or, as I said, if you will cite me, at least acknowledge the recanting as well.
Facebooked and Tweeted... (I heard about it from Park 51!) Shabbat Shalom! Huw
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Aug 27, 2010