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Kim Hyland9
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Still waiting for my 15 FV cash to be recredited - don't forget what I said about FRAUDULENT activity - I paid 10 USD for 55 FV cash and did not get to use them all - check your records. Therefore the game can no longer be considered a "Free" game and I expect you to fulfil your end of the bargain and return the Farm cash I paid for - and which - strictly - has been STOLEN from me.
I sincerely hope you get time to read all these updates - because I've been writing to your forum for the past 3 DAYS without reply. On Thursday my Farmville cash level mysteriously dropped from 18 down to 3 - yes, 15 Farmville cash disappeared. I am even more concerned at this occurrence because only the day before (Wednesday) I PURCHASED Farmville cash, so to have it taken away from me can not only be viewed as an annoying computer glitch - but almost FRAUDULENT activity since I have paid for goods and they have not been delivered in their totality. I expect the 15 Farmville cash to be returned to me in the very near future, or I will be forced to report Zynga to the appropriate authorities.
Toggle Commented May 30, 2010 on FarmVille Technical Issues! at FarmVille
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May 29, 2010