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I liked the Top 50 post too - but it lacked an OPML file for ease of following/testing out in Google Reader/RSS reader. So I added one here: I'll add in the blogs you mention too over the weekend. :)
Toggle Commented Jan 14, 2011 on Top 50 Knowledge Management Blogs at Portals and KM
@susan - you're right about print's advantages. But they don't outweigh the disadvantages of $200 books and uninspiring teachers. @Rob - check out the work of Sugata Mitra and his work on 'auto-education' about which he says: "I wanted to test the limits of this system,” he said. “I set myself an impossible target: can Tamil speaking 12-year-olds in south India teach themselves biotechnology in English on their own?” You just couldn't do this with a book, I strongly suspect. I blogged about Sugata here:
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Aug 31, 2010