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Jeff Hess
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Shalom Shamash, Too many people expect their lives to fit on Facebook or, horrors of horrors, Twitter. We are better than that. To be human is to be insanely complicated and unpredictable. As Lazarus Long, speaking through his publicist Robert Heinlein once told us, "specialization is for insects." We are long-form creatures evolved to win the stern chase. B'shalom, Jeff
Shalom Shamash, In his book, The Republic of Tea, Mel Ziegler predicted that the '90s would be the decade of tea, replacing the coffee-fueled '80s. That didn't happen. My personal ratio is probably 2-to-1 in favor of coffee (coffee before noon, tea after noon). Ian Flemming's James Bond (who drank only coffee) once blamed tea for the collapse of the British Empire. I wonder how China's emergence as the economic power of the 21st century is going to play out in the tea houses. B'shalom, Jeff
Toggle Commented Sep 4, 2011 on The Way of Tea at shamash says...
Shalom Kat, My favorite Rumi story runs like this: A wise man was studying when he was asked by a student why it was that he had never married. The wise man replied: "In my youth I traveled far and wide in search of the Perfect Woman. For many years I kept up my search until one day, I found her." "Master, that is wonderful, why did you not make her your wife?" the student asked. "Alas," the wise man said, "she sought the perfect man." B'shalom, Jeff
Shalom Kat, The world is a little better this morning. Mazel tov! B'shalom, Jeff