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I assume you're referring to Static Anonymity and Mainstream. These were the two pre-Grow Up and Blow Away EPs. Neither is available for purchase. Mainstream is the earliest, and it's an entirely different sound (perhaps recorded under a completely different name). I don't think it's ever been available for online sale. You can find it on p2p networks, but I wouldn't recommend that. The band doesn't seem to be comfortable with this old sound, so they haven't rereleased the EP. Static Anonymity is similar to GUABA, but it features a few other songs. I don't think it's available to purchase. Metric was an entirely different band back then. The band knows this, and they try to limit exposure to this decidedly un-Metric material. I'm surprised they even released GUABA at all. Emily seems to be especially closed off regarding unreleased material. She released a solo album back in the 90s, and it's really rad--but really, really unlike her music today. Catatonic from the forum (link on right side) has a fantastic collection of Metric bootlegs. It's here: The one from the Myspace Hey, Play This! show is of great quality and has some unreleased songs. The song from the Australia video is called Waves. It was a b-side on the Fantasies ultra-mega-really-expensive-oh-my-god deluxe edition, but there's a regular version on Amazon (I think) that has it (and another b-side, The Gates). Waves is an updated version of a pre-Fantasies song called Up in Flames. Sorry this is so long-winded.
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