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Los Angeles
A girl with very little to say in one line but much to say in many lines.
Interests: travel, camping, hiking, biking, computer stuff, ingrown hairs (they're interesting!), Burning Man, sewing, living on a farm (though I don't, I'm still interested), inspiration in whatever form it takes
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I’ve been meaning to put this post together for quite some time, but a number of different things have stopped me, including the fact that I’m not the world’s biggest expert by any means. But still, I have stuff to say about this, so I’m going to say it. If... Continue reading
Posted Nov 13, 2012 at Normal Misadventures
As most of the people who would ever find this blog (through Facebook, mostly) know, I work in a professional position. I recently found a really amazing blog network that I wish I could join, but I can't accept myself publicizing the swings and slings of my inner brain. My... Continue reading
Posted Nov 13, 2012 at Normal Misadventures
YES! I love you too. And Maude is a great teacher to us all.
Toggle Commented Nov 8, 2012 on The Bounce at Normal Misadventures
updating this post to include the Thought for Today quote from the newsletter: "Passively accepting your sadness is the same as forgetting to build your own happiness. Happiness is more than a mood. It's a long-lasting state that is more accurately called well-being." — Deepak Chopra Sunday, I bounced.... Continue reading
Posted Nov 8, 2012 at Normal Misadventures
It's a bummer, 'cause I had a post about this mostly written, but now I can't find it. Anyways, I have been doing better. Lots better. In fact, I think I can definitely say that I am not depressed anymore. Yes, I have fluctuations in mood that come with frustrations... Continue reading
Posted Nov 3, 2012 at Normal Misadventures
Hey! I think I'm either through it or almost through it! Nearly a month, but I can see the other side. The stubborn gladness won. Or something. I don't care what won, as long as something did. Yes, there are still many things I can do that would make myself... Continue reading
Posted Oct 19, 2012 at Normal Misadventures
I woke up this morning from a nightmare where I got fired from my job for some pretty legitimate reasons (in the dream... not anything I do in real life) and I realized I'm just not expecting the best from myself or most of the people around me. This made... Continue reading
Posted Oct 18, 2012 at Normal Misadventures
As you may have read, I have been struggling mightily with depression over the past several (now approaching three and a half) weeks. I also had decided that I was not going to put up with it any longer, so I would make depression abatement my primary priority. As anyone... Continue reading
Posted Oct 17, 2012 at Normal Misadventures
So, I'm hustling to get ready for work... every morning feels like a new day (well, it should, right?) and I wake up all optimisitc that things will be fresh and new, and then throughout the course of the day, I get more and more discouraged until I go to... Continue reading
Posted Oct 11, 2012 at Normal Misadventures
I know I just posted last night's entry, but I have to pop a quick one in here... "If there's something on your wish list for life, make plans today to do it." -- Dr. Oz The above statement is why it's hard for me to fantasize about $100k yachts.... Continue reading
Posted Oct 5, 2012 at Normal Misadventures
On the way home, I was thinking about what I'd write about tonight. Facebook reached 1 billion users and I noticed that the facebook email addresses were showing up in my contact list in my iPwn 4s, which creeped me out a fair amount. Once I thought about it more... Continue reading
Posted Oct 5, 2012 at Normal Misadventures
It's crazy. They're coming from *everywhere*. They come from in the drain, from behind the sink, from the inside of the medicine cabinet, from the floorboards, from next to the tub... they're even coming from up the I-beam and next to the fridge (and then dying on the seal of the freezer). There's nothing for them. I can't understand it. I've gone on massive killing sprees where they're even running with their eggs around the patio area and I mass murder them, but they still come. It's like a neverending nightmare. Anyways... no ants on the boat. Hoorah. However, no hot water either. Ah well, you can't have everything, right?
Toggle Commented Oct 5, 2012 on A still night on the boat at Normal Misadventures
I totally agree. That makes a lot of sense on so many levels, since guests often leave detritus behind them. Including food, which becomes ant bait... and on to the other topic.
Toggle Commented Oct 5, 2012 on A still night on the boat at Normal Misadventures
Ah, we have tried so many things in Theory. The ants are endless. I've put cinnamon powder around my bed (that's how they stay out of my bed) and have tried all measure of ant treatments and poisons (Ben owns my cat now). It's life at Theory. I've never lived anywhere that I couldn't get rid of the ants, but Theory is the one place. I've dumped hot water, vinegar, mouthwash, peppermint.... everything down my sink and still they come. I've literally never seen anything like it. Splat and Andrea can even attest to my ant Jihad. But it's like fighting against the rising tide.
Toggle Commented Oct 4, 2012 on A still night on the boat at Normal Misadventures
"The vast sky is not hindered by the floating clouds." - Sekito Kisen I decided to jump out of my routine and see if there were any short-term boat rentals available. I mean, it's great having roommates and all, especially when they're your best friends, but it's really hard to... Continue reading
Posted Oct 4, 2012 at Normal Misadventures
It took a lot for me to write this today. I haven't written anything in days, though, so I felt that I really need to get back into the habit of blogging. The Big Event was Saturday. Phew, it was a lot of work. Things went pretty much according to... Continue reading
Posted Oct 2, 2012 at Normal Misadventures
That's what my psychiatrist said when I told him I didn't think my basal ganglea worked properly and that I basically had no habits unless I wrote down a step-by-step morning routine the night before. That's not what this entry is about, but it was a funny note. What today's... Continue reading
Posted Sep 18, 2012 at Normal Misadventures
When I was going back through the artifacts from last year, remembering Diva and bringing all that stuff back up to the front of my mind, I went to my old Tumblr called "Grateful for This." 10 months ago, I stopped posting to it. It wasn't that I stopped being... Continue reading
Posted Sep 17, 2012 at Normal Misadventures
This post has a playlist. It was a year ago today that I was caught in the arms of my friends and God after I let go of piece of my soul. Yesterday when I woke up, I could not put my finger on what was wrong with my life.... Continue reading
Posted Sep 16, 2012 at Normal Misadventures
AND, I might add that I had dinner with Jennifer, who is my BIGGEST FAN EVER. See how self-pity made me overlook the most awesome and important things in my life?
This morning, I woke up with Otis Redding's "Mr Pitiful" in my head. I looked it up... and the video I found is this... Continue reading
Posted Sep 14, 2012 at Normal Misadventures
sigh. I know I shouldn't feel discouraged, but I do. Last night, I stayed really late at work and didn't even get my tech news report done because I was working on an email newsletter in which we were testing some new designs. I was all proud of myself, because... Continue reading
Posted Sep 13, 2012 at Normal Misadventures
I've found that enthusiasm for learning builds on itself. Sometimes I investigate something, thinking that it's just kind of curious, and a few hours into it I realize, "hey! I'm a few hours into this!" For the rest of the day, I find that I'm not just enthusiastic about what... Continue reading
Posted Sep 12, 2012 at Normal Misadventures
I think something is wrong with my basal ganglea. I'm reading The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business and it talks about how habits form our lives (and also how to manage them). What I realized in listening to the book is that... Continue reading
Posted Sep 11, 2012 at Normal Misadventures
<ol><li>Sexy XYZ</li><li>Lolita</li><li>Quince</li><li>Recycle</li><li>Spring</li><li>Western</li><li>Resting</li><li>Misc</li></ol> Continue reading
Posted Dec 1, 2011 at Normal Misadventures