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Good debate. I’ve always subscribed to “mad men” partnering with “math men”. It seems to me that smart Brand spending with good Brand metrics (like aided and unaided awareness, reach, etc) has an impact on your more directly measurable DR media (both in acquisition and persistence of customers) in quantifiable ways that can help both Brand and DR marketers be more effective – and build meaningful cases for shifting and/or adding and subtracting spend in different areas.
Agreed on the two dimensions of analytics and that marketing technology owns the plumbing and plumbing strategy – which is part of the reason why I think marketing technology sits on top of operations instead of the other way around. I too think the Marketing department needs its own analytics team – for many of the same reasons marketing needs its own technology team, but I think it’s a distinct unit within Marketing (Marketing Analytics) and not within Marketing Technology. The two groups partner very closely much like technology and creative. Because “analytics” sits in the overlap of the application and data circles (rather than something like “tracking”), I interpreted your diagram as Marketing Technology owning the activity of “Analytics” (as statistical analysis). Is that the intention?
Scott - good post. You've diagrammed how I've seen Marketing Technology work well. What I struggle with though is the analytics piece. It's in a technologist's skill set to write code, develop applications, connect systems, and collect, manage and deliver data. However, the actual "analysis" of data - that is, to truly uncover insights - isn't a native skill of a technologist. (Although in the absence of a true data analyst, this responsibility seems to fall to the technology unit by default). I'm wondering if people think Marketing Technology is an appropriate organizational home for analytics? and if so, why?
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May 24, 2011