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Interestingly, I came to this blog post today and saw my comments above (James Litvak, I just can't access that account now). I've been using the Ctrl+R keyboard shortcut to reset my Osnaps for years. However, having recently switched back to HydraCAD after years of using SprinkCAD, and also having learned LISP programming, and wrote dozens of my own programs, I've noticed that HydraCAD has a huge deficiency with error handling. For example, today I was looking through Sprnks.lsp and noticed that one function (can't remember which, but I believe it was INS_HEAD) calls (c:sos) which saves the current osmode, (os0) which sets osmode to 0, and (c:ROS) which returns the saved osmode. However, if an error occurs between a call of (os0) and (c:ROS), then osmode stays at 0. There should be an error handler that also calls (c:ROS) for such a case. In fact, every function that is only supposed to temporarily change a variable should have an error handler to return the variable if the final return call isn't received. I added my own error handler to the function in question by adding a local variable *error* and simply adding the following right after the function definition: (defun *error* (errmsg) (c:ROS) ) Now it restores my osmode always. I'll be looking through the other lsp files tomorrow to see where I can add error handlers. Osnaps always being changed was one of my biggest pet peeves years ago when I previously used HydraCAD, and it is something that really should have been solved by now. I ask that you please look through your code and add error handlers. I can help if you would like.
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I am returning to HydraCAD after using SprinkCAD for nearly 8 years, and pretty much forgot how to use the program. So I'm baffled that putting valves on the system requires four steps, including raising to 3D first. Why can't I just put a valve block a pipe and have it be included in a calc and list? Why the whole long process? I mean, so much of HydraCAD just seems like ridiculously long processes to accomplish simple tasks.
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Mar 19, 2019