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beans is trash. a waste of space. right now. he played himself majorly. the nigga need to foucus on producing better music then worrying about a conversation with jay. what the fuck do they have to talk about. ? nothing. beans just mad. wanna diss jay. and has no valid reason and just wanna use i just wanna talk excuse. so his 20 people fanbase can have something to blog about.
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jay z is a fucking million about to hit a billion. why the hell would he have to show anybody that he is street.? street cred. ? this nigga is over seas shopping in japan eating dinner italy and you think he has to respond and prove he street to anybody specially and washed up used to be employee of a rapper like beans.? are you serious. his career is over. jay doesnt and wont respond. what yall niggas fail to realize is that the biggest insult is to pay a nigga no mind. ignoring a nigga like he aint shit is the biggest slap in the face.thats why beans getting extra salty because he know jay aint gone say shit and he just wasted his breathe.beans is done. that last album wasnt worth a download.
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i agree with you. i be on this site. and i hear these lames disagreeing with you. on valid points. but i had to speak on this. because niggas seem to take any chance they can get to take shots at jay.i rocks with both them niggas but damn beans aint on hov level. will never be. and at the end of the day jay wont respond and beans wont sell another record in his life. but if it was up to niggas on this site beans will crush jay. and sell 1.5. mill in the first week and be the new lil beans is done. jay will ignore him continue to sell records. beans will regret the disses and niggas will forget about beans in about 2 months
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he didnt sell because niggas werent feeling him like that. period.records could be rigged but shit when you got people riding around bumping something. its getting spins on the radio. in the club and videos getting airtime. you cant rig but so much. beans dont rap about shit. same shit every album. jail,club baby mom.same kinda flow. same beats.similar features. nothing special. no hits. equal no airplay. and no record sells! beans is a old aging emcee,black fat and not a sex icon so chicks wont buy his albums. and he aint biggie no comparison so what do you have to market? beans isnt marketable at all. he's a 2 album emcee and he 3 albums over due. his career is over!
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and i think rappers dissing other rappers or labels for their failure is the gayest shit ever. Man up and take claim for your success and failures. niggas blaming other men for them not eating. that shit is sickening.i can see why niggas fuck with the south now in music. because at least in the south you have some sort of unity and niggas go out and grind and make they own money. niggas on the east and west coast and these washed up rappers want niggas to hand them millions. beans wasnt selling millions when the roc was on fire and niggas was rocking with east coast music. so what the fuck makes him think he can sell in todays game- when the south is still killing shit.sometimes u gotta know when to fold em and alot of these rappers dont wanna fold they hand and call it a day. you got gucci mane selling records. and pretty musch anything coming out of the south is killing. so how the hell do these stuck in 1999 rappers expect to be success in the game when all they do is hate and complain.
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real talk. i rocks with jay and beans. but as of lately beans aint put out anything worth listening to since the b.coming. the last two albums were borderline trash and the fact is. beans aint had a gold album since his first cd do the math. and his last album didnt even sell 20,000 records. shit half of yall on here commenting didnt even know he dropped a album. recently.heres the truth. beanie sigel will drop another album. just like he been doing. this time he will say a few jay z disses that may give him a few sales for those that get they rocks off hearing jayz being bad mouthed in a song. but he wont go platinum or wont go gold. nowhere near it. now that he dissed jay the only nigga that would at least keep him in a decent record deal and make a album appearance.its gonna to be even harder for him to have a career. come on. he is over 30. never sold a million records. fan base is slim and getting skinner by the day. and now he siding with 50. that just further crushed his career. while i can admire 50 hustle. realisticly speaking. the general public is starting to shy away from 50 and any artist connected to a gunit deal isnt too smart. i mean if mobb deep and mop couldnt do anything.and they by far have a stronger following what will gurantee a beanie sigel success. diss and battle rapping is a thing of the past. niggas dont wanna hear diss tracks anymore and right now thats all beans is promising.the album wont sell wont have any promotion and we all will have forgotten about this by early next year. and like i said. i rocks with beans and jay but i realize the truth that beans wont sell another record unless the label spends some of the promotion money and buys them back. PERIOD!
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Nov 20, 2009