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Fantastic! I'm in the midst (8 months in) to a job change and can't even snag a barrista gig - but probably because I've never barrista'd before ;) I am always reassured when I see that I'm not the only one (besides the college grads) who are struggling with this in such a strange time, economically speaking. I disagree with using Linkdin in favor of trying to meet people "out in the world". I've exhausted my friends/family so now I go to events (through my alma mater, meet-up, message boards, etc). and got a little bit of writing work through that tactic which, I hope, will lead to more (or different work) through the 6 degrees of separation. Bottom line: DON'T GIVE UP and CHAT UP EVERYONE YOU MEET! You never know...crazy times.
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May 29, 2014