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Iamreff added a favorite at Chief Marketing Technologist
Dec 19, 2012
"I do not FAIL. I SUCCEED at finding out what did not work."
Scott, No surprise to see the idea and associated terms catching hold. As always, thanks for continuing to carry the torch! John @iamreff
Nice article (I recently put you into my RSS feed). A couple more points from a Mktg Tech perspective if you don't mind. - Don't limit your brand brainstorming to just .com. True .com is most favorable but as you point out, the good names are gone (or squatted). What's left are strange names like Retwouly (<-- made it up). Also consider names that use country codes. Startup is a great example. - Don't be like Netflix and pick a name (Qwickster) that is already owned on social channels. Use a site like or to see if you'll be able to brand your name easily or if you'll need to be a bit creative with your social account names. Brand Naming is a topic that fascinates me. Thanks for the post. John Refford @iamreff
Toggle Commented Oct 13, 2011 on Brand Naming Strategy at Branding Strategy Insider
Great job listing out the available models Scott. (I got a chuckle out of hostile.) I like how you highlighted the key elements to the model. You are truly correct in that the best model is "it depends". JV seems very appropriate for my business but I know MTs at more technical organizations (software dev) where the Embedded model is the best fit. As always, keep up the great work!
Great post Scott! This moves constituents past the turf battles and allows them to each do what they do best: IT: security, normalization, infrastructure, core business functions Marketing: branding, strategic direction and focus Agencies: cutting edge digital execution
Congrats Tom! Being an entrepreneur is tough. Keep on killing it!
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Scott, thanks for continuing to carry the torch!
Great post as always. IT departments need to "enable" technology adoption not prevent it. There is an opportunity for a new business model here. A middleman service that supports the predominate mobile technology platforms on behalf of the enterprise. Users buy their fancy doodads and this middleman connects it to corporate e-mail and calendaring in a secure way. It could be paid for my the users with the enterprise having the opportunity to subsidize some of the cost. Is anyone doing this? If not, let's start developing!
Too often I see this debate poised as the classic zero-sum game when I believe much of the drama can be avoided by clarifying roles and responsibilities. Management frameworks (e.g. PMP, ITIL) provide mechanisms for designating roles. ARCI (aka RACI) allows participants to designate who is accountable, responsible, consulted and informed. Certainly IT should remain accountable for infrastructure services, but perhaps it should cede control of line of business apps to the functional departments while still being responsible for technical aspects including: data, security, support and business continuity. I think there is enough work for everyone and a partnership is more likely to succeed than a dictatorship. Thanks for the great post!
Another great post. I was looking at this trend a few years ago and it worried me enough to get a MBA and ultimately move to Marketing. Indeed there will still be plenty of jobs in the future, but the deck is being reshuffled. More and more of the technical jobs will move out of the corporation and into the IT/BPO services companies. IT positions within corporations will change; they will look a lot more like procurement/vendor relationship managers and less like technicians. -John
I see she has taught you the art of including pornographic terms in your post to drive up hits from horny boys. We learn all the good tricks from the ladies. My lady friend told me some new-news with you; good luck wit dat.
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Agreed. Great post. It led me to think of Joe Jaffe's concept of flipping the funnel. Social Media allows us to stay engaged after the sale and perhaps turn customers into cheerleaders. At least we can stay engaged and support them post sale.
Great post n*! You're such a frickin' inspiration! ;-)
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N*! Your best post eva in a sort of Saturday afternoon special kind of way. Great "action shots" (that's sure to get you some extra hits from purveyors of porn). All the best from the Reffs no matter what you do.
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Feb 1, 2010