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Grayslake, IL
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I miss Marshall Fields! The windows downtown used to be magical. Alas. Everything changes.
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I need a pretty new batch of fabric to add to the hexagon quilt I've been stitching.
How lovely! Watercolors are so great!
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Cute patterns! Good luck to your son as he gets used to a new school!
Toggle Commented Aug 21, 2013 on Giveaway Day 20 at HELLOmynameisHeather
I love to sew!
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What lovely prints!
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Happy Birthday!
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Buy daffodils in pots and plant them now. They'll come up next spring and probably multiply
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Emma and I did a little bit of felting on Saturday with a kit we were reviewing. It was fun! I have to let you know that I am going to be quite late to our meeting on Wednesday night. My daughter's choir is singing at the school board meeting and she has a little solo, so I really can't miss it. I think I'll be at Craft Fancy by about 8, but I am not sure.
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So cute! Surely you watch The Real Housewives.. It's a fun guilty pleasure for when everyone else is in bed. They are so ridiculously entertaining, I can't stop watching.
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Oh my! Both are lovely pairings, but I prefer that lovely pink shawl and the floral wall art. I have such a weakness for pink and floral.
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I have an awful time finding shoes that fit my problem feet. Gosh, I hope I win!
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These are just adorable! Have fun!
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Love stripes! Especially yours!
Toggle Commented Sep 14, 2010 on Squeal if you want Stripes at Sis Boom Day Dreams
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Real wool felt is heavenly. What a luscious collection you have!
Oh My! So many favorites, but I really really need a new bread knife and a new silpat. My favorite things are the Royal Copenhagen dishes, but they are so pricey, I didn't even bother to wish for them.
My Grandma always shrugged about the piles in her work areas and said, creative people are messy. People who are always cleaning up are just a little bit boring...
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