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Wow, long time between posts!!!! Now what's this about moving "just" mean into another house not another town/state, right? Bless your heart! I can tell you are overwhelmed but still have your great sense of humor which helps get you through. Keep aposting even if it's just on FB. And I'll check in on you more often. You have a great attitude and are a great model for your kids (I know, no one is perfect). And you have come a long way in school; I really admire you for that. I be thinking and praying about all y'all! Hugs, Stephanie P.S. Let me know about October/Round Top...
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2010 on Good News and Bad News. at The Gypsy Wagon
I was in Texas for 10 days but only went to RT one full day plus the JG prom. I wanted to spend more time with my sons in my hometown of B/CS than at RT. No way I'm mother of the year; I just love my sons and hometown slightly more than antiques, slightly. Thanks for all the inspiration pics, I'll be back and back and back to try some of these ideas.
Oh boy!!!!!!!!!!! Please send reminders...please!!!!!
You better not have bought or worn that "tea sipper" hat with the ugly Bevo on it!!!!!! Stab an Aggie in the heart!!! Just kidding, Mamma went to UT, Daddy went to TAMU but we are all Aggie in our fam. At the end of the day it's all Texas which is all good. Hey, why didn't we talk before we went? It would have been fun to meet. I saw a couple of folks from the DC Big Flea there, small world, LOVE it.
Toggle Commented May 20, 2009 on Look out, Texas! at Vintage Rescue Squad
Which piece are you jonesing for??? is . "Mail" me! I was just getting ready to pick the radio up and bring it home since no one had purchased it. You are a lucky gal and so am I!!!!