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Spray from a car - Vehicular Precipitation. Also works for ice, slush, snow. Parts left behind after bike stolen - Bicycle Graveyard Wheels left behind after bike stolen - Shoeless Joe Abandoned Bike Lock - Lockus Nullus Bike Locked and fallen over - Broken Promise Bike Locked to Tree - Natural Protection Rider with a helmet mirror - Third eye Cyclist with a Trailer - Family Truckster Canadian Geese - Turd burglers Goose Crap - Trail Smokers Car parked in bike lane - De-Mirror request Motor vehicle on bike / pedestrian path - Juggernaut A swarm of gnats - Protein Cloud (thanks BB!) Broken Bottle - Street Shank
"Team Player" - dons the complete kit of a team even though they arent on the team, couldn't make the team, and probably dont know who is actually on the team. Its about the right look. "AeroWeenie" - obsessed with aero, while commuting. Every consideration has been made to reduce drag, no lights, bells, racks, bags, or other extraneous devices are allowed. Your steed should be made of carbon if at all possible and you should ride with the thinnest, most high pressure tires you can afford. Aero pedals and bars are a must.
Toggle Commented Sep 13, 2012 on Dictionary of Bike Commuter Slang at BikeHacks
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Sep 13, 2012