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Ian Ashworth
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Brian Close was as hard as nails - no helmet and minimal protection. Great fast bowling, the likes of which you don't see today. Much as I admire some of today's batsmen, try averaging 50+ against that bowling.
Morgan for Carberry, otherwise that looks good to me. I'm likewise reluctant to pick Sidebottom for a Test series, but he's an experienced hand and offers variety.
He's a fantastic commentator, and very underrated. I'm always reading criticisms of him by people saying he's dull, but he's brilliantly witty and his rants are scarily intense and genuine, not like the whinging moans of some others. Oh, and he was a bloody good bowler too.
Toggle Commented Aug 16, 2010 on Heroes: Bob Willis at The Reverse Sweep
Couldn't agree more with this post except in one point - the use of "probably" in the last sentence.
Seems a bit special this lad. And has enough gingerness to replace Colly in the middle order when the time comes for him to call it a day.
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May 19, 2010