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I'm going to show my bias but some other names for contention. Hall would certainly strengthen the batting - 461 runs at over 65 - at number 6. As a spinner, Middlebrook hasn't done quite as well as Henderson but has done OK (17 wickets at 31), and he's a run machine - 387 runs at 77 batting at 9 - worth considering. I know you've mentioned Vaas and gone for Meaker instead, but in acknowledging the side has a long tail Vaas, with 242 runs at over 48 would redress that, especially on top of his 3 five wicket hauls and 1 ten wicket match already this year. Aside from personal bias, good team! Some names in there most wouldn't have thought would be up there before the season started - Jefferson, Brooks, RHB...
Arrgghh, just clicked on the link again and saw his stupid face. Get off my monitor!
Toggle Commented May 11, 2011 on Zeroes: Charles Colville at The Reverse Sweep
Yep, ColVILE is truly awful. Mark Nicholas used to be my worst commentator, but he's made to sound like Richie Benaud next to this man. God forbid he covers a county game featuring Surrey - you can almost hear him pleasuring himself in the commentary box. There seems to be a lot of dislike for Bob Willis, but I'm a fan of his regardless. Any man who gets shunted to highlights and stuck in a studio with ColVILE for a couple of hours deserves praise, not scorn. You'd all be grumpy if that happened to you.
Toggle Commented May 11, 2011 on Zeroes: Charles Colville at The Reverse Sweep
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May 11, 2011