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I’m not a bot!
Toggle Commented Oct 26, 2017 on The latest blog stats at Noisy Decent Graphics
Why 1st class ?!?
Toggle Commented Jan 11, 2015 on Surprise post at Noisy Decent Graphics
Ah the poor petals.
I think they were can I have a biscuit?
I used to regularly watch the Gallery, and would either think "I could do better than that", or, "no way that was drawn by a kid".
Simon, I have two requests. Please can you draw a cat playing a violin for this blog, and can you ask Simone if she will bring a photograph to Greenbelt for the exhibition? Cheers!
That was a great gig! I remember that 5mins before the start you decided that you were too hot and wanted to change into shorts so we hadto march all the way back to the car to get them. Id love to come to Montreal again. it will either be next year or very spontaneous :0)
wow. are you a baker? or an ice-cream seller?
This film is a family favourite.I’ve watched it countless times and love it. I love Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins and their supporting cast buddies.If I ever had to go to gaol (and had a choice), it would be in the 1920s – it seems prisoners were nicer then…I love... Continue reading
Posted Jul 12, 2011 at efforts in self improvement
It’s become a common theme with me… “Joelle, have you seen… (Insert well known/ less well known/ big box office/ small scale independent/ Oscar nominated/ Oscar ignored film title of the last 70 years here)..?”… and generally the answer is – “No”. And to be honest, it’s becoming a little... Continue reading
Posted Jul 12, 2011 at efforts in self improvement
a) isnt a pony still a horse? and b) it didnt seem appropriate to bend down and start staring at the underside of a horse.
Gosh, this is educational. Id forgotten about grass snakes. Not the greatest fan of Kate Humbles slightly hyper presenting style. Id only watch it if she lost her balance and fell in the nest of snakes.
Consensus is that it is indeed a Slow Worm. Which is a type of snake, one of our two species. Its not the bitey sort, it tends to lie still and confuse its predators with issues of classification and taxonomy.
That cant work for real lighthouses though.
Toggle Commented May 24, 2011 on Bill's at ianbee: this is instead of getting a dog
It was nothing like the Olympics. I hope.
Toggle Commented May 24, 2011 on Bill's at ianbee: this is instead of getting a dog
I liked pippas bottom too. And the little grumpy bridesmaid.
wow, thats a big drill. tarrif. ive changed it, hopefully before the rest of the spelling police saw it.
There will be another one this year - hopefully even bigger! Spread the word! My friend really wanted the London at night photo but missed out due to pointy elbows, so your husband kindly allowed me to get another copy printed. I remember the surreal one of you on the beach - it was one of my favourites.
yes. although shortly after taking the photo it fell off and shattered.
At the start of 2010 i found myself in need of a challenge, and so i embarked on a project to document every bus trip that i took during the year in the form of a lino print. I'm an illustrator by trade, but i was so busy illustrating that... Continue reading
Posted Feb 11, 2011 at 2010 a year of bus trips
thanks si. how come you reply to my blog posts but not my texts?
ah yes, it was probably a typo. im having trouble finding a clip frame for the end of level boss. where should I look? its 60 x 80cm, not a size that IKEA stock.
STOP PRESS - the whippet has arrived! thanks Simon! :o)