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Many thanks for your words Malcolm which like those of Steve Chalke and Steve Clifford in his item on the ea website bring so much wisdom and insight into a place where there has been so much hot air. All three of you and many more of us are part of one Church that is called both to unity and to reach out to people who you correctly admit have been failed by the Church. My experience of working with many people whose identity includes a sexuality which most of the church has rejected for many decades, is that they are disinterested in your theology or mine or those of the two Steves. However they are interested in how welcome they are made to feel by people who claim to believe in the acceptance of all that you refer to in your comments. I hope there will be not too many more responses by heroes such as you and Steve Clifford before the Church admits to its behaviour which many within the LGBT community see as persecution and attempts to understand the life experiences which sadly too many churches have presumed does not happen here! is now following The Typepad Team
Jan 16, 2013