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Greensboro, NC
Communication consultant, writer, denizen of Greensboro, NC
Interests: writing, film noir, espresso, Southern lit, Quaker studies, Asian cooking, old time/blues/bluegrass/folk/Americana/jazz music, Belgian ale, bicycles, haiku, Depression-era photography, hiking, geocaching, Holga cameras, portable audio, canoeing
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I saw Astra Taylor introduce her film What is Democracy? at Greensboro Bound Literary Festival last May, and am curious if her book is similar in its approach to the subject. The documentary is impressionistic, and there isn't a central thesis of democracy other than we seem to know it when we see it. I'm slowly making my way through A Savage War of Peace. I keep returning to earlier sections to reread.
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Kinokuniya used to be at Rockefeller Center, and moved to Bryant Park in 2008 or thereabouts. It's a NYC favorite of mine, particularly now that there's a Blue Bottle Coffee nearby. The browsing at Kinokuniya is always good.
IMHO, the beer world is moving so fast that books can't keep pace. I still refer to Michael Jackson's Beer Companion for info about particular styles, but when it comes to specific beers it's woefully out of date. I'm guessing Alworth's book will be out of date in about ten more minutes. I'd have enjoyed asking Alworth about Hop Stoopid, which is to beer as Dave's Insanity Sauce is to hot sauces. It's a "because we can" kind of beer, where the hops obliterate any sort of complexity. I love–love!– hoppy beers and am a Lagunitas fan, but this one just annoyed me. Speaking of Dale's Pale Ale, it's worth a trip to Oskar Blues Brewery in Brevard, where there are a number of seasonal and one-off beers to taste. I don't recall seeing any books in the tasting room, but we could meet up there and bring our own. We'd probably get tossed for reading, but it's worth a shot.
Netherland is one of my favorite novels. I read it shortly after it was published, when it was described as a "post-9/11 novel." My sense was that it had little to say about the event itself, but used the time and place to examine macro issues – the changing nature of relationships and a growing sense of estrangement from one another, the economy, and the place of outsiders in society. He tried to take these themes to an extreme in The Dog, which I was anxiously awaiting. Unfortunately, it wasn't a very good book.
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I took a video camera along for the ride, and here's what it saw: Continue reading
I've had type 1 diabetes for 35 years. I have friends with the disease. Acquaintances. Colleagues. So, you can say I have a vested interest in wiping out diabetes. It's a big challenge, and my small contribution is participating in... Continue reading
Cunego is a fast descender. But Sagan is crazy fast. Continue reading
The Classic Rendezvous hit town last weekend, and landed in the midst of a lot of cycling activity – Tour de Lions, Gears and Cheers, and the many regular rides that happen every weekend. I had good intentions to ride... Continue reading
A steep, unforgiving descent following a crushing climb. Cold temperatures. Possibly some rain. Gravel. Catch fences. What could possibly go wrong? Continue reading
Really, is there a better classics rider right now? Gilbert'ten hat-trick by EurosportTurkiye Continue reading
The best part of the pro cycling season is here. Nice job giving us a taste, Rapha. Continue reading
I kicked off managetoexperience in early 2007 as a place to write about interesting ideas, things and experiences. My posts are few and far between these days. That's mostly a function of a busy schedule, dissatisfaction with short-form blogging, and... Continue reading
Posted Mar 28, 2011 at manage to experience
Okay, I'll stop complaining about how windy our rides have been lately. Continue reading
This picture represents my realization that I'm not a mountain biker. After watching a very nice Giant XTC gather dust for a couple of years I carried it over to Cycles de Oro, and brought this Giant TCX home. I... Continue reading
It's All About the Bike has been on my reading list for a while, and is set to land the last week of April. I'm curious to see if Robert Penn's search for the perfect bespoke bike parallels mine. Anyway,... Continue reading
The poster August created for the 30th anniversary of Greensboro Ballet. Continue reading
Posted Mar 1, 2011 at manage to experience
My "responsible people" comment notwithstanding, this was my first time at this ride. Work, you know. I think I rode all of three miles before hightailing it back to the office. Continue reading
Greensboro Ballet is celebrating its 30th year as a ballet school and professional dance company, and August is helping them prepare for their Anniversary Gala Performance March 26. During the past months we've been at work on materials including invitations,... Continue reading
Posted Feb 10, 2011 at manage to experience
Trek is all giddy about its new sponsorship, but wants to be sure journalists are getting the team name just right: Please do not hyphenate LEOPARD TREK. In written communication, LEOPARD TREK must be set in all caps. In spoken... Continue reading