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Shalom, You sound like a mad dog. What do you think is the difference between your trend of reasoning and that of an illitrate in the village? Sorry, you are a disgrace to your self.
Because we have access to the internet and this forum we have come to be thinking that we are so knowledgeable and so we can give lessons to the world in almost every subject. That is crazy. Let’s see how confused we are. We want the courts to give a ruling on this issue and at the same time we want the Bawock and the Bali people to settle the matter in a brotherly manner. We even want the government too to play this role of a brotherly settlement. Paradoxically too, we think that the role of the failed politicians in this settlement is uncalled for or better still irrelevant. I see us fumbling around two concepts here; and these are the concept of restorative justice on the one hand and the concept of retributive justice on the other. While the former concept refers to the brotherly settlement of conflict may be around a jug of wine, cola nuts, food or what ever, the latter, retributive justice is the settlement of a conflict in a legal system, the courts, to be more precise. I will just leave it here and you figure out for your self who best we should turn to believing that the desired peace will come directly from the parties concerned so that the brotherliness factor comes into play. Should we turn to the courts or to concerned people (including failed politicians)? Again, I wonder what it means to us when it is often said that there is no peace without justice. In a situation like this, the party who inflicted pain on the other should be able to come out with out remorse and acknowledge in a sincere manner the role they played in the conflict. This sincere acknowledgement should go with some sincere actions towards the restoration process. And so the payment of compensation has it place here. If your idea here is that if the Bali people have to pay, then they will not work for the peace process, in my opinion that is not correct. I would prescribe the same compensation to the Bali people had they allow things at the level where their jujus were seized or what ever. As they (Bali people) took the law into their hands by reacting and even over reacting on the matter, they should see themselves as one of the the main parties in both the restoration and reconstruction process. To go by the courts (retribution), they should be sentenced not only to pay but to pay heavily.To say that the Government should use the taxpayers money for compensation and the pepetrators go free is both stupid and ridiculous. I wonder too why we keep on thinking that a Fon who is either a mere member of a party or who holds a lower position in that party should not humble themselves to their party’s hierarchy as some one finally said above. The issue is as clear as ditch water. You can’t have it both ways. Either you stay away from the politics (starving though) and get the respect OR you go for the game and sell your rights, respect or better still prerogatives. Finally, it looks gloomy to me now what our future is. We label our veteran politicians failed or even assasins; our active politicians too; so to are our elites, our youths and may be our children too. So every body is failed? Don’t ask me about us in the forum because we are just all finished. And so what next? In my own opinion, we are too negative for a change to occur. Those who initiated the meeting in the first place should have been recognized as taking a step in the right direction. May be we should start appointing those we think are the right NW elite here in this forum so that no one declares themselves one. May peace reign in the Bali/Bawock area. Bugiba
Hmmmmmmmmm, is this history repeating it self or what? Some body taking “us” again to join what? Isn’t it said that once beaten twice shy? That a burned child always dreads the fire, that if you had been bitten by a snake you should be afraid of a worm? Oh oh oh, have I even forgotten about what this lady of Santa told me? That it is said over there that a ‘baby snake is a snake’? Yes, something like “pikin snake na snake”. And so the father was a trader of men, selling a whole Southern Cameroonian Nation ‘over there’. Here he comes again, bargaining on the bid to recertify the deal so that the present generation and the next will continue sinking deep into the assimilation of La Republic du Cameroun. Can these people not change their business so as to start selling cows or something? Who on earth has given them a whole people as a market commodity to do business with. Let me join the author of the article above asking this question. Where is the manifesto document defining the fusion deal between him and who so ever? However, what worries me much is not even that he is bargaining to sell us for he doesn’t have us in the first place but because he makes careless public statements such as he has dissolved the SDF for ….He can not even be reasonable enough to pretend that it was the decision of his NEC or NAC or what ever. Ben Muna decided to dissolve the…It sounds not only crazy but ridiculous. Wonders will never end. Bugiba
Just wondering aloud Is it worth going to school to become a progressive force for the Cameroonian democracy? School books have it all and those who never went to school should most of the time regret that they cannot read about or listen to other people eles where do or talk politics. Now, how knowledgeable have we become when after 16 good years of a struggle to usher in change in a democracy like ours, we still think that we should stick to the strategies we used in the early 90s to bring about the change we need in Cameroon. Are we failing our parents who are not educated by failing to tell them that democracy is all about being smart and taking advantage of situations? What do you tell an illiterate person? That Dr Tamanjong wrongfully thinks that a dialogue between Fru Ndi and Biya is a positive move for Cameroon OR that because that proposal comes from the side of the SDF, it is an indication that the main and only opposition party in Cameroon is loosing the fight. People, have we leant any thing in school? Could we have become so retarded in our reasoning to think that the only strategy to use to liberate Cameroonians is the use of some destructive and irresponsible confrontation with Paul Biya? What is it that we are thinking about when we talk about ‘the force of argument’ especially as we are purported SCNC activists? “Intellectuals” who get so frightened when mention is made of challenging Biya across table? Sad news. No need to have wasted time and money going to school. Our brothers and sisters living abroad; an asset or a liability to our struggle for veritable change in Cameroon. To begin with, I always wonder what makes people think that because they live in the UK, London or wherever (which have become names to some people here on the forum), they automatically become so knowledgeable that they should teach other Cameroonians what they should be doing? This is just so sad because most of these individuals have failed to learn from the good politics or democracies that they are living in. You find people placing their resumes here saying how much education they have gotten and how many years they have been living wherever in the world, BUT, just to turn around and indicate to the world how they have leant nothing and have forgotten nothing through out their life time. If inviting Biya for dialogue by the SDF (let me put it that way) is so weird to some body living in a democracy, then it becomes so unfortunate where and who we can turn to for the veritable change that Cameroon needs. Please don’t be a shame to the good Cameroonian people living abroad. Amen Bugiba