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Melg Ibson
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Curt Schilling blew his wad on a high risk business venture. Lenny Dykstra was a con man living off of the wealthy. The majority of debts black "broke" athletes incur always seem to be related to child support, jewelry, or failed hip hop productions. Just sayin.
Does this ever happen to white athletes? Dykstra doesn't count as he was a criminsl while most of these guys just seem to be dumb.
So Foles sucks according to you geniuses, even though it's universally acknowledged that he spent his one NFL season working the league's most predictable offense under a clueless offensive coordinator, the clueless veteran head coach that hired that coordinator, and an offense line consisting of guys who wouldn't get any snaps in the CFL. You're fucking retarded if you'd seriously consider 32 year old beat up Vick over 24 year old Foles. Even if Foles sucks and we replace him next year it's better than throwing one dollar down the Michael Vick Experiment hole.
So one of Kyle's advertisers finally noticed every other comment included the words nigger, jew, and faggot and finally complained? This site is basically just a Google alert titled "Deadspin Philadelphia" without that entertaining shit. Meanwhile the 700 Level actually posts articles over the weekend, what a novel idea, rendering this site to a shitty facsimile of the other local shitty blog.
And now there is absolutely no reason to ever visit this site again. The public comments were amusing in a train wreck kind of way. Enjoy your search for a real job in the near future.
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Feb 4, 2013