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Meanwhile it is election time in Canada - October 19. Canada-third highest emitter per capita of greenhouse gas,or 2% of total by .5% of world population. Oil reserves 2nd only to Saudi Arabia Prime minister of ten years is Stephen Harper. Stephen Harper-Republican Tea Party Puppy, Australian Tony Abbot's envy, Imperial Oil mail room clerk only real world job held,son of Imperial accountant (Imperial is Exxon's Canadian subsidiary), anti-Muslim, religion based socially conservative motives Warmonger Withdrew Canada from Kyoto Accord Reduced protection of lakes and rivers from 1 million plus to just 89 Allows only witnesses with financial interest to testify before environmental assessment hearings (eg. pipeline proposals such as Keystone) Heavily subsidizes oil/tar sands extraction Labelled environmental groups as terrorists. Major proponent of military action in the middle East. Took us to war in Libya, Iraq, Syria. Anyway, that's the short list. Brett
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Aug 25, 2012