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Actually Crist did not overestimatte the hunger for bi-partisanship. Only that the electorate are bi-partisan against entrenched double-talk politicians.
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They can't even vandalize their own store front, they want to vandalize our healthcare.
For someone who does not have a pool, the question is "why don't they drain the pools?" Possible answer: they don't want anyone to fall in by accident and kill themselves in the 6 foot(?) fall. But someone can fall in an unattended pool of water and drown themselves too.
Toggle Commented Aug 18, 2009 on Catfish become pool cleaners at Bizarre Florida
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I wonder who is going to set up manufacturing in the US after this. E.g. Rip sets up a shop to make widgets he invented during his long sleep. The widgets sell well, Rip expands his company to make more widgets. Rip's workers are proud of their widgets and RipWidget's fast growth. A union boss is watching Rip's every move. RW is big enough to unionize, i.e. enouch workers to make union dues profitable to the boss. On Monday morning, RW workers can't get into their shops unless they card-check the union boss's ferocious henchmen's "petitions". RW is unionized by Friday. The boss collected $10,000 union dues and left. Two months later, the boss reappears to negotiate a contract that neither Rip nor the RW workers want. The negotiation is to be settled by the court, appointed by the President. The court decrees the contract valid. Five years later, after incessant wages and benefits concessions, RW is no longer profitable. RW's existence is deemed "vital" to the economy. Multi-millions of taxpayers' money is earmarked to bailout RW. The Treasury Secretary seizes RW, restructures RW, gives 51% to the RW Union controlled by the union boss, 20% to a foreign competitor, the rest to "repay" the taxpayers, 30 cents on a dollar to Rip. The President's party collects enormous amount of "contributions" from the union bosses, including RipWidget's. Rip drops his 30 cents down a well and goes back to sleep.