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hi buyed the blueray/dvd pack its the best move ever and i have seen it alot of times and more to come. just that i am dissepointed whit the sound on the blueray/dvd cant find the dolby digital suround on... Continue reading
Posted Apr 30, 2010 at AVATAR
I will not buy a 3D tv to see 3D movies like Avatar. Buy your self a projector and a the stuff you need for it. Then you get the Cinema Experiense home and ofc you do get abit better pictures and sound if you got the equipment for it. Atleast in my country it cost the same to buy a projector and the stuff you need to use it. for a 50-60 size Hd tv (dont remember the word on eng) Depend on the qual on the tv. Same prize for a High quality projector HD whit 3D opportunities Atleast here we get a High quality projector HD whit 3D opportunities and the side stuff we need for a good prize. The funny thing is you get a 150-500 sized screen to see your fun (depend on the size of the wall you can use it. ( bigger the screen more money you have to pay for a item you need. ) ( dont remember the word ) And a bonus is you can also see Tv whit a projector (how cool is that? ) Some more bonuses you can set up your Pc,Blueray,TV,Ps3,xbox, Wee what ever you want as well,, its a Big screen to have fun whit If you are planing to get a play room / cinema room get your self a Projector not a lazy small tv ;) I have used my projector in 4 years 3-10h each day to have my fun whit... play games / Movies so on total i get A BIG SCREEN for the same prize as a small tv .... my Mom and Dad Buyed a 50 sized Hd tv for a higher prize then my projector i Got better pictures on tv modus then the Tv they buyed That tells alot dont it? Only thing that may cost some to have a projector is 1 only thing its the Bulb if i got the word right. Its A life time on the bulbs they cost some to replace.... But still i havent changed any yet and i have a good time on my Bulb so far whit 3-10h each day for 4 years. Atleast thats what i have to advise. When Avatar comes on Blueray 3D i actually will see Avatar first time on 3D just 1 place in my country whit 3D cinema its so huge line to get in there and a long way to go so i got a good guess this movie will come on 3D and i got quite happy when that news came :D Have fun folks
Toggle Commented Feb 24, 2010 on AVATAR DVD Arriving on Earth Day? at Avatar Blog
well i guess this is quite simple realy smaler the planet is ( moon) Less atmosphere it is to protect sun light and ofc its self from astroids so on. if its 18% i guess its quite hot there but still i think it should be fine to be there if the distance from the alpha A star is quite far ( it seems so as well..... if its been realy close to the star the gas giant had not been a gas giant it would have been a red flaming planet most of the time. If you look start in the movie the light is quite low on the gas giant so i guess it could be a abit shorter distance then our jupiter to the sun. It could be life there whit a long distance like that if you also think about alpha B star thats also around ( Depend on the distance it may be a suporting warmt as well) But still if its like 6h each day on pandora it could be suported life if its quite close to the sun as well But i think what i sayd first are the most close i can get i guess. still hard to get a teori about this becouse when its a moon it will maybe use days or day to orbit the gas giant and still the moon will rotate as well so i guess it could be days whit night on pandora and then normal days untill its on the backside on the gasgiant agein but maybe thats why its 18% so the planet can keep its warmt for the times it gets dark a long time.
Posted Jan 17, 2010 at AVATAR
Posted Jan 17, 2010 at AVATAR
it will pass titanic whit a huge amount in time :)
go in to you profile and check your posts and comments
good work :)
Toggle Commented Jan 2, 2010 on No title at AVATAR
i am 23y old and i am still thinking about 3d and animasjons but i still dont no if i chall do it but after avatar my guts say go the school ;)
anyways if ever it will be a chance of do a travel to a another world in our life time (even if its 40years or more whit travel) i will gladly do it just to have a chance to see life on a other planet.
Toggle Commented Jan 2, 2010 on So whos in on moving to Pandora? at AVATAR
how long is it to cenoury galaxy? 4.5 light years?
Toggle Commented Jan 2, 2010 on So whos in on moving to Pandora? at AVATAR
lets make a huge spaceship :D
Toggle Commented Jan 2, 2010 on So whos in on moving to Pandora? at AVATAR
this year i havent buyed any fireworks and i know many of my rl freands have not buyed ether. its a good feeling to know i helped our planet a little today.
Toggle Commented Dec 31, 2009 on No title at AVATAR
anyways happy new year to all Continue reading
Posted Dec 31, 2009 at AVATAR
see its alot of posts about our planet,clima, problems that we are destroying our earth. ( read hole post) the problem in this to change our ways are that if we stand up for the goverments and greedy people.... try... Continue reading
Posted Dec 31, 2009 at AVATAR
i would wanted to be a navi clan caracter reasons are quite simple. i am kind of like Jake i always wanted to have 1 thing to fight for and that i would had in pandora as a na'vi Continue reading
Posted Dec 31, 2009 at AVATAR
y thats what i think as well
thats a realy good question its hard to tell what would happend but i guess nothing else would have changed but i guess we had have realy close opservasjon on the outsiders and tryed to learn more about them and theyr ways of living,, but i guess maybe tryed to communicate whit them but i think fear and maybe alot of preapering for a maybe aggresive move from the outsiders will be a factor here.
if the movie was shorter i had been disepointed if the movie had been alot more longer it had been better becouse i dont get enouh of pandora.
i am understanding all what have been sayd here. I am quite found of america what they have done to restore peace to the world of humans in quite many years, its mutch crual things in this word that you have saved but what you dont think of is that you are also one of the biggest treath to our planet. Here i live we actually walk 2km and alot more from our parking places to go where we want. In america you have drive inns and close parking to everything you want to go to, americans atleast usa are the most lazy people in the world and you contaminate alot more then you actually think. i do not beleve in global warming and that the sea will rise many meters becouse of the melting polar ices. i think this have happend before as well as many researchers says that we are in a warm period time in our ice age. but i know its not good to contaminate the world whit our curently daily living. Humans are the worst enemy to earth is a fact our nature is desperate to try to lower our popilation every day whit new diseases in every thing we actually eat in our daily bases. When the nature are to mutch our of balance,,,,, i am quite sure that the nature will take care of uss quite fast in some ways, diseases , maybe a new creation of a animals that only eats humans. The fact that the nature are the balance of life are quite true and we humans will never have a chance when the nature turn ageinst us are a fact. its 4 facts what are going to happend in the future. 1. We will destroy ourself in world wars and after alot of years after the war nature will balance out agein and life will come back to normal bases. 2. we will not destroy ourself and actually change our ways of living in this world so the nature will balance our population out and the life on earth will come back to normal bases. 3. If we cant change our ways i am quite sure that the nature will take care of us when the nature are too unbalanced.... Whit major diseases and major disasters events and maybe a new creation of animals that only eats humans for daily living , this is a fact when somthing gets out of balance its dieases and new animals that balance that kind out thats been proved for alot of years.... the fact is when nature set humans as its worst enemy and have to act i am quite sure we are finished. 4. nature cant balance our race out. we will destroy hole earh and die becouse of that in a 1000 years. But for me i will say this if all the world agree to change our ways of living i will easy destroy my car,tv, all my communication to save our planet. think about how nice it had been to not see close freands family for some years and travel like 200 days to meet them agein. Think how good the feeling are to meet and talk whit them then? Living in the nature respect it and learn to adapt our ways to live in peace whit our mother nature Our ways of living will all day long be in peace.
Toggle Commented Dec 30, 2009 on AVATAR's Eco-Political Message at Avatar Blog
Avatar will never be gone for atleast a life time Avatar is a movie that many wants to see and it will live on for many years to come remember as long as we see and like avatar avatar will remain in this world.
i think most of the resons are that some joins the bloggs write what they feel and what they must say about this movie and the bad things we have done in our history and what problems we face in our time. so many who write here come to say what they felt and then leave the bloggs agein becouse they are quite busy all the time in theyr private life.
1 of the great parts of this cinema time if you noticed ( if it was like that when you went as well) First 10 min of the movie it was quite noisy like it use to be in hole... Continue reading
Posted Dec 30, 2009 at AVATAR
i agree only way we can save our planet is act now if we wait and talk its over quite fast