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Social Media vs Social Business. I see social media (in small letters ;)) as the glue of social business. It's communications focussed as you've said David and seamlessly integrated through effective use boosts business processes. To me social business is fluent collaboration between all stakeholders to a business utlizing the tools of social media (email and the phone inclusive also I would argue the watercooler, office kitchen and food dispensor. These are offline designer social communications instruments). Social business is multifaceted even Gestalt I'd say in its utility and appearance like a knife is in a kitchen. But you know what they say, a fool with tool is still a fool ;)
This should be mandatory. Every day is a great day to connect with all stakeholders in their environment as well as doing something different to see what's happening at the seams of your client(s) world. Look at the sparks of magic where ideas, context, people and culture meet. All the best, Mahei
WOW!!!! Thank you so much Myriam. We are so touched by your warmth in your words and thoughts. At times like these intimate gatherings, the food is always enhanced by amazing company like everyone who was there. Thank you for coming and I'm sure it won't be the last time we break bread. By the way Myriam, you honour Bridget immensely with your last pic. That pic itself represents who we are, where we're from and where we're going. You have paid homage to all our family and ancestors. And to that, merci beaucoup à notre amie. [Hope that last line makes sense Myriam].
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Mar 31, 2010