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Idea Plotting
With little fanfare whatsoever, Idea Plottingwas launched during the fall of 2016. Since then, slowly but surely, content has been added as interests are discovered and feedback is provided by our many avid readers. The first articles had a strong focus on crowdfunding given that this is a trend that we at Idea Plotting have been actively following and it is one that many of the writers at Idea Plotting have become involved with by actively launching campaigns of their own on platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo. However, Idea Plotting is not merely limited to topics such as crowdfunding, while we did make a start there since that’s the current passion and it’s what we know most about. Moving forward, it seems like a natural progression to make to go from a focus on crowdfunding to e-commerce that is stand alone and based on platforms such as Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, and others, too. And we haven’t made any mention of Fulfillment by Amazon, which is among the easiest of ways that you can use to establish a business once a campaign for crowdfunding has enjoyed success. The Core Values at Idea Plotting Education At its heart, Idea Plotting is all about taking action on dreams that you experience. You have to get those ideas out from inside your mind and then test them out in the real world. It’s about learning from the experience of the application of ideas. Then, you take your experience of an acted-upon idea and refine the idea that you originally had. Iterate that forward or level it up to, as of yet unfathomed imaginations, until the point that the feedback and the action are set in motion successfully. Excellence While Idea Plotting is, by its very nature and at its heart, about establishing a pathway to excellence and a means to an end point that is nothing short of quality, excellence is all about the endgame. As we would imagine it, the endgame should be a proactive and relentlessly positive force in the world in which we reside that provides vetted information which helps those that have begun on the path to a way whereby they can have a positive influence on the natural, political, and on the social world. Practice We actively engage in developing the kind of habits that will lead to insights that are nothing short of transformational. The pursuit that Idea Plotting has at its core is relished, and the now achievable is celebrated. Create There’s an ethic held at Idea Plotting that is one of playful execution; one that is of possibilities that are not yet known to us. What drives us are the questions; what moves us are the dreams.
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Apr 1, 2017