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I wonder if there will be a 'peak telephone numbers' some day (and whether it will be before 2038 when the NANPA space runs out according to the article). The use of pagers has dropped to such a low level several paging frequencies are now disabled and planned frequencies haven't been activated. The same could happen to the telephone network some day.
In 1992 there were a number of cases where the Dutch police just 'happened to have the luck' that the phone was off-hook enabling them to listen in on the room in several cases. Some serious research by BillSF found the method with these high frequency signals down the line. And the simple solution with a small capacitor across the line. Technical article (in Dutch) about how to build your own circuitry for this:
As I wrote in : it's the old Echelon word list all over again. (time to incorporate automatic trackbacks in the scripts behind my homepage)
The world changes, our world changes and sometimes we look back and see a lot of accumulated changes. And it's good to see some changes happen in other people's lives too. I enjoy reading your stuff here. But family life, work and other things have their own priorities and 'having to write something!' will not result in good stuff (I think).
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A great project to honour one of the original phone phreaks. And very fitting to make it available over the phone. But calling a US number for 38 minutes has its price from the Netherlands. And I'm not about to try to do it on somebody else's dime, old-school phreak style. Is it possible to access the audio art over the Internet using a SIP call? That would be awesome and still have a phone experience.
Lots of recognizable things in that song. But this probably dates me to the eighties: I kept waiting for the "We didn't start the fire" chorus.
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Jan 25, 2011