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Don't get so excited. I looked at Example Short 11 Min 23.976 Remote. I was a big fan of their earlier work -- I thought Example Short 23.976 was pure gold, and while their sequels (Example Short 24 and Example Short 25) were obviously similar to the original, they shared in the original's je ne c'est quoi qualities which made it so mesmerizing. Netflix's later work has suffered in comparison -- Example Short 29.97 was dangerously derivative, seemingly only different by virtue of its frame rate, and their detour into the world of episodic television content with Example Show was an unmitigated disaster, quickly shelved (there are only two episodes available). This latest episode shows all the hallmarks of a production studio out of steam, a creative team out of time, and a vision fully depleted. It's the same content, practically shot-for-shot, with no new or redeeming artistic merit. I'd say skip it. Especially after the price hike earlier this year, I expected better of Netflix. Is this the new content we've been promised?
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Jan 30, 2012