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Maybe the artist is trying to show us the "real" picture? The monarchy has been hanging around (self-appointed) for a thousand years. It's been dead for more than a hundred. Will the monarchists ever catch-on? Do these pictures help to explain?
"Security costs will be massive"! Maybe lizzie and the leaches can just stay home? A real home? No castle stuff? Admit they are merely human, have accomplished nothing productive, are taking fortunes away from the "little" people of the kingdom through their pomp and ceremony? They can live in a phoney fairy-land across the pond, but let's dump it here in the colony!
And our new saviour in shining blue armour will descend upon the Bruins! Let them cower from his blazing artillary! Meanwhile, back in the other end, there`s a game being played. We then forcefully repel this barrage of Bruins! The B`s are then stung and pushed back to their homely hive! Until this Sequin of sorcery twists and turns, only to leave his image tatood upon the memories of all leafland. Why did we allow his escape from our grasp, only to return with the vengeance of the gods. Again we have been burkn`kesseled!
WOW!! Mr. SHUTUP must have missed a goonfight lately and is taking it out on the writer. Keep cool! Another fightslashbangbopwhack is coming very soon to an arena near you. Until then just chill and take in a Cherry-thumping class or something.
Toggle Commented Oct 20, 2010 on Ah, the Pride at The Spin
It's a whacko sport lately! It would be great to see the occasional hockey talent displayed like passing, shooting, deking (not decking). Too many goons in the game and far too many clingers (the guys who get dragged around the ice as they hang on to the "real" hockey players. The game is so defencive and leaves little room for plays that we used to see (Lafleur splitting the defence and scoring). For those in the audience (many) who love the bang bang bop bop game, it must be great. To me it's becoming too boring to watch.
Toggle Commented Oct 20, 2010 on Ah, the Pride at The Spin
The Buttman's kind of busy these days. With the ongoing job of keeping hockey out of Canada and dispersing the teams among the beaches and the deserts, he has little other time. We need a commisioner who can get his mind into the game and make drastic changes. All players of the future to have IQ's above 70, a limited ammount of meat allowed per head, no intent to kill, interest in occasionally touching the puck, and no knowledge of "da code". What a dream! Stars allowed to star. Players allowed to play. No more stretcher time holding up the game. Wake me up!
Toggle Commented Mar 16, 2010 on A New Approach? at The Spin