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Certainly, if you are looking into buying some art for the home, you'll want it to be beautiful. What many people don't consider when they buy art, is that you may also want it to be a good investment. If you're only interested in the aesthetic value of the art, then find something you think is lovely and enjoy it. End of story. If, however, you also want to make a purchase that will be an investment, then you need to put more thought into the purchase. There are many up-and-coming artists out there today whose work will, hopefully, appreciate in value with time. Do your research and see which artists are part of this list. Another idea is to purchase something from an artist that is already well known. The tricky thing about this type of purchase is that it will probably be quite pricey. You won't get a bargain if the artist is already well known. Many people leave their money in investments and mutual funds. Others, however, choose to diversify. One creative way to do so is with the items in your home. You can purchase paintings, antiques, jewelry and more that will, hopefully, appreciate in value... Continue reading
Posted Feb 1, 2010 at The Daring Artist
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Jan 28, 2010