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Jeff, as usual this is a great post. The industry is over-served with technologies that require constant re-processing of data in order to find simple truths. That may be the benefit of IBM systems that enforce moving, cleaning, or transforming data before the analysis occurs. Some liken this standardizing and cleaning to the CSI investigator 'tidying up' the crime scene so that the analysis is easier to do. Too much evidence is lost before the investigation even begins. In the case of true disparate federated search/match/link analysis, however, no data warehouse is ever built. The data sits in its native repositories, in its evidence-filled format. Some organizations see the benefit of this smaller footprint and it's inherent capabilities to provide true on-the-fly analysis with what you beautifully term 'sequence neutrality'. I look forward to reading more from you on this important topic, as your position as the industry visionary is well-earned! Good post!
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May 13, 2012