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Don't really have a weird place I carry my cell b/c I carry bags inside bags inside other bags. I would love to add this to my collection.
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I love me a real whiskey sour with egg foam or just a scotch on the rocks.
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Great recipes and good job on the graphics! What a fun way to celebrate the holidays (and create that much needed buffer w/ family over the holidays hehe).
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I love this list! That Jonathan Adler candle is gorgeous and my new wishlist item is that "You are my sunshine" necklace. And then you end the list w/ the sultry sounds of Michael Buble? Kudos! Happy Hanukkah :)
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I had no idea! Thanks for the fun fact!
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Love this clever blog post idea! Seriously LOL'd "Aged beef?" LOL love it!
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Loved your honest review of the experience. Definitely got a laugh especially the bathroom incident. Hehe. Thank you so much for joining us that day and for sharing your experience. Oh, and high five for the IEShineOn blog shout out!
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I'm a big fan. Thank you for the giveaway and the virtual chat opportunity. My question is related to the business side of blogging. What are some streams of revenue one can make from blogging? Blog ads, sponsored content and affiliate marketing is what I know so far. Do you have recommendations on where to begin with affiliate marketing? Thank you!
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Great staples of promoting your blog. TY for summarizing. Please visit me at htp:// :)
Read through the comments and nobody mentioned the Korean black sesame milk made by Sahmyook. You can Google it and you can easily find an image reference. Also, since you're in LA you can hop to your nearest Korean grocery store and pick up a pack ~ every Korean grocery store carries this product. It's creamy and delicious. Most Koreans drink it as a snack or for breakfast. Enjoy! :)
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