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Tracy Iglesias
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I also visit Cancun Mexico often it is one of my favorite places to visit! I can't say I have been there in February, but these photos are making me want to plan another visit. It has changed very much throughout the years! Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly
My blog has been hosting a monthly book club for just about 2 years now, I'm still reading 'old school' yes folks there are still books out there, but living in a TINY NYC apartment (much the size of the closets of my friends in the burbs) I'm thinking it's about time I made the digital switch and tried an e-reader. Since I live on Amazon, I guess it really should be a Kindle! And as you've taken the Google + plunge, I'd love to know how it's helping you, is it driving a significant amount of traffic to make it worth signing up? I get my best results from Twitter (maybe because I've hosted twitter parties), but haven't yet tried Google +)
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I love the clover and stella equally! Sent out some tweet tweet love here:!/Tracy_Iglesias/status/121105520626110464 email in my public profile as well as my website, Ascending Butterfly! :)
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Mother Nature has been whipping our booties here in NYC and I'd love to be on a warm, powdery soft, white sand beach, preferably in Hawaii right now! Travelocity take me AWAY!!!
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I 'liked' this on Facebook! :)
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I have one of those 'big' birthdays coming up, you know, one of those that end with a 'zero' reminding you another entire decade of your life has gone by? LOL I'd use this to get into fighting shape for that upcoming birthday in April, because I plan to party that night like there is no tomorrow, and I plan to look absolutely FABULOUS while doing so! This would keep me motivated because it's just plain fun so I'd be prone to do it daily and doing it daily will show results for that cute, slinky little black dress I plan to wear on my birthday! ;-)
Atari was my first toy and I would play pac man for hours! Those were the days! All my friends wanted to hang out at my house that Christmas, LOL :-)
We have a weekly family game night with a bunch of family and friends from different age groups.We play games on the wii, but we have had tons of time that one of the smaller kids will let go of the control and clock the Hi Def TV. I want to continue hosting at my house, I just want to prevent the new TV from getting broken, so I'd love a Kinect because it will solve that problem by using our entire body as the camera. Less clean up for me, also equals MUCH more FUN for me too! :-)
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Nov 22, 2010