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it's beacouse "http://localhost" is a loopback. if you link this then our computers will try to connect to ourself, and the :88 is the port. i dont know what you have been trying to link and such, just logged on and saw this and tried to help :)
here :)
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yeah that would be awesome,
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Jan 27, 2010
Wohoo :D
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07:26 AM :)
ah ok well thanks anyway :)
just a question where can i download the original ? ;)
i lost count aswell :)
oh dear how many replies you got well when i wrote mine it was just one :P
first of all im just going to say excuse me for my bad spelling and childish writing. 1:it is more effective if you blow up the tree and kills some of the clans, rather than just blow up the tree. but of course it will be more Americans who are dying, but I do not know:) 2: some of them were horse-clans which had not been of any use 3: She wanted to help the na'vi people, the only thing she said was, "Frickin’ daisycutters" "You know he’s gonna commit those bombers straight to the Well of Souls" "Going up against gunships with bows and arrows..." correct me if im wrong :) 4: I can agree with that. 5: yeah and that was just plain stupid. but i guess they wanted to go quick and the wheelchair and jake took longer than expected. 6: You know its a movie, how boring wouldn't it be if jake just have killed him right away. 7: they got rocket smurfs that they can fire at gunships out in space ;)
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Jan 1, 2010
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Jan 1, 2010