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"This was exactly what I needed to read. Thank you so much for posting this. "Elevatorgate" has pissed me all the way off, and it's exhausting and disheartening, and so thank you approximately one zillion times for the encouragement." Posted by: XtinaS i would like to reiterate that, with one change: i'd like to thank you one zillion times for assuming that i'm going to rape someone- "'s likely to be perceived as a potential threat..." i'll add that to the rather prodigious list of assumptions that many white people i encounter on a daily basis make. still, i'm glad you have an excuse now: instead of saying you were afraid i would rape you because i'm not white, you can say you were afraid i'd rape you because i have a penis. in some ways it's a step up, i suppose. I guess then that i'll just become racist against whites-after all, you're justifying it, right? demean, "otherize" and rebuke another group for something over which they have no say-their sex, yet take that same attribute, and use it's properties to attribute controllable behavior to it? Sorry lady: PHILO 101 FAIL. but thanks again for justifying any kind of ignorant stereotyping. thx. for not listening to anyone. except RW. your sexism is just as depressing as the racism i encounter every day. and by the way, if you're tempted to defend your sexism, you said this: "'s likely to be perceived as a potential threat..." which to anyone who isn't white, sounds exactly like "it looked like a gun, and that's why i fired." think i'm not afraid of whites? and cops? think again. any white person who cares to can have me arrested on a say so. while in custody, i can have a broomstick shoved into my rectum. i may be beaten, repeatedly, i might spend more than a few evenings in a jail cell-with actual criminals (though that's something you've thankfully resolved for me, since you a priori categorize me as such), among whom i may again be beaten, and yes, possibly raped. because someone white decided to point in my direction and say 'it was him'. irrespective of truth, or evidence, all these things can happen to me. because i am not white. you're not the only one who might fear rape, lady. but again, thanks a bunch. for continuing to not see what's clearly in front of you: you're a sexist. so again, thank you for giving me carte blanche with which to justify any hatred i might want to gin up against both whites and cops. very kind of you. Got WHITE privilege?
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Oct 18, 2010