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I'm a Credit Manager. Don't hate me.
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Mar 15, 2010
Woman... I so love you.
I am totally looking forward to Eclipse, I must admit. as far as the books go, it and New Moon are neck-and-neck in my mind. I barely made it thru Twilight. But then, unlike most of you Twlight weirdos, I happen to love Jacob. Silly me for thinking the WARM guy with the killer biceps who can actually have sex with you is more attractive than the COLD guy who is afraid of killing you if he even slips you the tongue. Oh and have we mentioned the fact that Edward is a controlling stalker? OK and yes, I have a distinct bias in favor of Native American dudes. But yes. Rob Pattinson is pretty. :) ikss
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Yes, thank you seasoned babe! :) I really appreciate the word of mouth. xoxo ikss
Oh I hate that stupid moniker, too! My feelings are essentially reflected in Bellas little tirade against the term in chapter 2. Yeah, this economy sucks...but the good news is that I actually have lots of time to write now, so I guess being an unemployed drain on society as my oldest brother would probably call me, works in my favor in that sense. Thanks for reading sweetie!!! :) ikss / Karen
Toggle Commented Jan 26, 2010 on new moon over the oc at Mind Vomit by the ikss
I am...although I am assuming that, as with any shiny new toy, the novelty will wear off and I will evetually be reduced to tweeting only when necessary as opposed to saying things like I wonder what Ill have for dinner... like I am now. ikss
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