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Ileana Crespo
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I just had to say that 1993 when previous poster graduated must have been the last year before the school went downhill. I dont say that with sarcasm. I was there in 94 and i have to say that while i was an advanced to student who had already started to slack off a bit, Norman Thomas did all but encourage me to leave..It was unfortunate that when I gave in to boyfriends pressure to cut school I as a student and future adult was not able to depend on the guards i walked past in the middle of the school day to stop me from leaving. Right out the front door without question. Girls were in the bathrooms from the first day hanging out and I not having an easy time trying to find a few people I could relate to. the classes I hoped to like were taught by hopelessly uninteresting enthusiasm lacking teachers. but i will say this in defense of all schools in this situation, as a parent of five kids , who was a teen mom and knows many other great young moms, the severe lack of respect the children have as well is a problem that needs to be dealt with at home. Society alone cannot teach a child morals values and respect towards others.People must look into there own homes and start there.
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Oct 17, 2011