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Nook, Kindle.. whatever. That particular book The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks is available from more than one vendor - more than one format. Brian could have tackled that so his users could have used either e-reader - but like others, I applaud him to taking this on! I wonder if Amazon could have just given you a "coupon code" which you could have given out and let Amazon figure out how to limit the number of downloads to 100. That would have been easier!
Is anyone getting any push-back to our wish that librarians have access to every course - whether the faculty want them there or not? I think there might be a line between us being seen as being helpers vs being seen busy bodies... I can imagine some faculty resenting a policy of wholesale access to their courses without their permission (even though we KNOW we're only there to help.) Brian, consider doing some politicking and talking to your faculty senate, provost, etc. (About student access to previous courses: I know one institution that allows for access up to six months after the close of the course - very helpful for taking care of the inevitable Incompletes!)
About location mapping: It's still just where the book is supposed to be, isn't it. It's not necessarily where the book has gotten to, huh? (Brian, a lot of us in Florida still miss WebLUIS. boo hoo!)
I agree that "no reply" doesn't mean failure. I'd guess that the students would take your message as one more piece of information that couldn't hurt. ;)